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raúl almazán

Raúl Almazán is an artist, was born in Mexico, raised in Queens New York, and based in New York City. Earned a bachelor’s of fine arts degree in studio art and art history, a BA in media’s studies and film, and being the first family member to received a college education in the US. My artwork is an extension of myself, a composer of visual essays. I use composition to narrate the divergence of societal realities, human experience, reflecting on cultural bounds, time, and space, as well as blurring the lines of compassion and reality. My practice combines mixed media, various forms of printmaking (lithography, wood block, intaglio, digital printing), drawing, sculpture, and installation. All my works remain untitled as to avoid the audience imposing a predetermined perspective before encountering the work on its own terms.

"El día de los muertos es un día para recordar a nuestra familia, sus vidas, su ascendencia, nuestra herencia, nuestra mortalidad y presentar nuestros respetos a los que nos precedieron."

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