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Fever Dream 
Sueño      febril

Melissa Nunez // M. David Lopez // Jose-Luis Quintero // Morgan Flodman // Fran Fernández Arce // Christian Garduno // Alexander Orosco Garcia // David Estringel // Adrian Ernesto Cepeda   

To swat / is to be snared; to touch is to be taken. I seek shelter / in self...

Poesia al Pastor
Poesia de M. David Lopez

palabritas envueltas ¡provecho! / (recojelas del plato al caer) / saborealas / disfruta estos versos / (yo te acompaño de lejos) ...

tres poemas
Poesia de Jose-Luis Quintero

"Acuertelamiento," "La casona," y "Errantes"

Wash Your Mouth

Flash Fiction by Morgan Flodman

Papi tells me to wash my mouth. At home, Mom reminds me this is his way of telling me to brush my teeth...


Poetry by Fran Fernández Arce

Sitting up in bed, the soft tapping of the rain / against the bedroom windows mimics the quiet walking / of a stranger searching for our door...

Black Russians on Bonnie BRay

Poetry by Christian Garduno

Me & you & the record player spinning Scott 4 / We each took a dot and now we’re sleepwalking on Mars...

Completing electronic spreadsheets are the climax of my day. I wrestle with boredom, and it always puts me in a choke hold that never truly kills me...

CW: self injury

Fire / in my lungs / and poisoned veins, / fading / in (to white) / out (to black)...

three poems
Poetry by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

"I Always Remember Dialing," "How Does One Sleep Under a Freeway Underpass?" and "I saw you in mis sueños last night."

CW: mentions of death/grief

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