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On Chorizo & Eggs

A poem by staff writer Viviana Mendoza

my mother makes

chorizo & eggs

on Thursday mornings–

when my father’s check

hasn’t hit yet.

she sits pans on stovetops,

tosses tortillas on comales,

and flips them with bare fingertips.

but before steam settles

or bellies become blessed,

my sisters and i sink into

kitchen chairs

and pray to Papa Dios;

thank him for the chorizo,



and my mother’s fingertips.


Viviana Mendoza is a high-school English teacher & a person who writes poetry. She's been published in Motif, The Sagebrush Review, and The Acentos Review. Her words always find their way to paper right before bed...when she should most definitely be asleep.

Image by Erik Dungan

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